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Award winner photographer Mark Yashaev

January 13, 2017

Mark Yashaev was recently rewarded with The Lauren and Mitchell Presser Photography Award for young Isreali Artists. The exhibition, now exhibited at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, shows photos from his personal photographic archive with a mixture from the everyday life and the wondrous. 

His photography acknowledges the uncertainty of the photographic image. He undermines photography´s fundamental concept of a decisive, photographic moment. His work is twofold. Building an installation, taking photos of it, printing, installing the print in his studio and taking a photo of the photographed set, this time flattened.

So his first photo starts as two dimensional then becomes there dimensional and ends up as two dimensional again. “I wanted to raise more questions about creating, and searched for a rational, intellectual process that evolves to other practices such as sculpture and installation” Yashaev says in an interview about this work.

See more photos from Mark Yashhaev on his site here 

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev

Only from this suddenness and on by Mark Yashaev


political power in paperwork

December 26, 2016

We have just visited a lovely yet very interesting photo art exhibition with Taryn Simon at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art . This is her latest photo art series in which she highlights the systems humans has created to exhibit power and  control.

She examines floral centerpieces from major international conferences and treats them as silent witnesses of historical moments. She makes them her protagonists, and through them Taryn Simon can give the story of international power relations, manipulations and broken promises.

Each photograph and flower has its own story and those are being presented on the right in the mahogny frame. (The choice of material represents the board room in which the agreements has been taken).

Taryn Simon "paperwork and the will of Capitol" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon “paperwork and the will of Capitol” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon "paperwork and the will of Capitol" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon “paperwork and the will of Capitol” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Taryn Simon "paperwork and the will of Capitol" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon “paperwork and the will of Capitol” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art


Taryn Simon "paperwork and the will of Capitol" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon “paperwork and the will of Capitol” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon "paperwork and the will of Capitol" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Taryn Simon “paperwork and the will of Capitol” at Tel Aviv Museum of Art



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we discover several layers of ourselves

November 20, 2016

I wanted to read it over and over again. The text that Anna Seifert wrote that are linked to her new photo series “I see you”. It touches me! It effects me! It makes me think about how beautiful life is and how important it is to be true to yourself, dare going deep down in to your innermost and find more layers of yourself. 
Read it! Feel it! Enjoy. 
(*please note that the thoughts are written in Swedish so it might have other effects when translated to English)
I see you
Life is not for granted
We look for things that matter to us
We find security in the idea that there are several seekers
We move close to the edge
balance between everyday life and daydream
We are filled with moments and relationships
that matter to us
We let go
fall down through the surface
reaching deeper
we discover several layers of ourselves
Further into the core
We land, softly
The essence is here, maybe exactly where we stand
What we are looking for is meaning
dare to live for it.

/ Anna Seifert

"soul" is part of Anna Seiferts photo series "I see you"

“soul” is part of Anna Seiferts photo series “I see you”


The Story behind the great project ‘No Place My Place’ by Sara Tanderø

October 13, 2016
Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

About the project

 «No Place My Place» is a concept that plays with the perception of the identity of a place. It is a series of photographs from 2014 shot in Svalbard. The series includes elements of drawing in order to see how these affect the concept of a place in an image. Will a place change its character and become my place, or would such elements only disturb the image. I love this contrast between the beautiful nature and this rough scenery, and I had a strong sense of looking into no man’s land. The landscape is unfriendly, and not a typically Svalbard landscape, except for the blue light, it could be any industrial place.

 The Artistic Process

Usually I work over time with my projects, experimenting a lot with my different artistic methods in photography, video, performance and drawing. I am not trying to achieve perfection in my photographs, rather a tactile expression or a feeling.

I work conceptually, and I need to put my work into a system. That­`s why I always work in series, and rarely with only one single image. My intuition always guides me during the creative process. If I plan my projects too much, my work loose their intensity and natural expression. If I try to force something it never turns our good – it has to come naturally. Therefore my projects need some time to ripen and to grow to see if they still works. And if they do, I know it`s a strong project


I have photographed digitally with high ISO in order to achieve a noisy and rough expression in the images. The drawings are rough, made with oil pastels and they where not actually made to this project, but I liked the concept of the mismatch of the shapes and the photographs.

I wanted to examine how these elements affect the chosen motive. I processed the images in Photoshop, and worked with the different elements until I got the expression, or the feeling­­ I wanted. I have also further reduced the resolution of the images, and again enlarged them in order to achieve an image of a place that almost disintegrates before your eyes when viewing the image.


The series of five images are printed on fineart cotton paper to enhance the tactile character of the photographs. They are sold exclusively at the piQmo gallery, Edition: 20.


Sara has also made a short film about her creative process through this project, ‘Sara Tandero for piQmo’. A very well spent 5 minutes if you ask us! Enjoy!


Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

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celebrating the unbashed female expressions

October 6, 2016

To piQmo`s followers that are visiting or staying in L.A. between end of October until December, we strongly encourage you to go and see the exhibition “this Wicked tongue” held by Charlie James Gallery.  Among many emerging artists you can see work from Patricia D. Burns. The group exhibition is curated by Cindy Rehm and opens on Saturday, October 22 and runs through December 3rd.

The artists in This Wicked Tongue wants to celebrate the unabashed expressions of the female voices like the witches, hysterics, and angry feminists who have come before them. “Women should be seen and not heard” is the biblical script and it echoes even today, naming Hillary Clinton as one of those beeing critizised for beeing to shrill or overbearing.

This Wicked Tongue, Group Exhibition, Patricia Burns,

This Wicked Tongue, Group Exhibition L.A California

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piQmo collaborates with EKPR

September 14, 2016

Vi are very happy to announce piQmo´s cooperation with EKPR & Kommunikation.

Why do we do this? Well, we are bad at letting the market know about our our concept and what piQmo is all about. The first couple of years has been great but we have done many improvements when it comes to quality, service and production.

What few people know is that we do all prints on fine art cotton paper, finest printing quality with a lifetime warranty, at Scandinavias best photo lab. Customers who chooses framing with us also gets the best quality possible. Our framing is done at one of Scandinavias best framer studio where some of Sweden’s most prominent galleries also does their frames.

Our goal is to maintain high quality while keeping prices down for – as our original idea always has been – lets make great, thoughtful photography accessible.

In addition to offering photo art online, making it easier for the modern buyer, we also offer personal service meaning coming to the office or making home visits to ease for our clients. At these visits we look at you, the interior, get a feeling for your personal taste and suggest photographic art works that we believe suits you.

These are among few things that we are bad at communicating. This is what EKPR will help us getting better at.


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photo of a screen became photo art

September 14, 2016
Fotograf Oleg Panomarev

Photographer Oleg Panomarev

I hade a great and exciting meeting with our new Russian photographer Oleg Ponomarev in St. Petersburg. The hour we had just passed to quickly. I could have stayed for another three hours listening to Oleg..

In retrospect, I feel really corny having these old fashion ideas of how a Russian photographer would look like and how he would  be dressed. In to our meeting point, at my hotell, came a young, modern and very cheerful Russian with twinkling eyes, anything but my old beliefs. After our hour together, I understood more of him and how young Russians think now a days. He carries an immense drive that he uses very skillfully with or perhaps through his camera. Not only does Olegs project “checkpoint”, that piqmo sell, have an interesting story he also has a number of completed and ongoing projects. One of them is “A village School” a project that National Geographic is about to publish. See these photographs further down.

The photographs and the story about “Checkpoint” was brought in to light by Lens Culture. This project required a lot of dubious contacts with security guards in St. Petersburg metro. Why? Well showing x-rays from travelers contents to outsiders and allowing an unknown documentary photographer to recieve photos of the x-rays is of course strictly prohibited. Still many security guards found it interesting and rallied behind Oleg´s project so the only practical option was to allow Oleg to take photos of the x-ray screens. Checkpoint is thus photo on a screen.
The project lasted for months and Oleg could receive unknown incoming calls at any time of day from a variety of security guards who wanted to show him a specific x-ray. Sometimes, he was assigned a certain time and a certain place where someone he did not know took him to places where they could show him x-rays. Oleg says it was like a detective work.

Eventually, he reached the amount and quality of x-rays to what he sought bring to light. His idea is to bring to us all a slap reminder of what our society looks like today. A highly insecure very secured society.. Politicians claim that societys security has never been better as today. Never have we had so many security controls, surveillance cameras and policemen and still the uncertainty among the population, regardless of where in the world we are, is increasing every day. The population does no longer feel that society can protect them and the result of that is that individuals acquire guns for protection.
This is the very sense of Olegs x-ray photo series. Please se more on the gallery.


Photographer Oleg Ponomarev and piQmo´s Paula Lidström



Another interesting and society-based projects that Oleg has done are “Mari people”. A dying minority from a small village in the middle of Russia. See more here

Oleg’s latest project is “A Village School”. This is a series of photographs, from a small village in Russia, with the intention to finally get politicians to build a school for the children. The photos has been published in National Geographic. The small village was promised a school for over 10 years. Since nothing happens Oleg decided to take matters in to his own hands by bringing the village and the children without a school in to light through his photographs.  Everyone can help by signing the petition.

A villiga school av fotograf Oleg Ponomarev

A villiga school by photographer Oleg Ponomarev

A villiga school av fotograf Oleg Ponomarev

A villige school by photographer Oleg Ponomarev



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Stuck between real life and virtual reality

September 13, 2016
Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #1

Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #1

piQmo being the first gallery in Europe exhibiting and selling his art, we proudly announce our latest contributor from Leningrad in Russia, Oleg Ponomarev.
With his photographic project ’Checkpoint’ we are given a slap reminder of our present society. Raising a very current subject and considering what’s happening in the world today, we believe it is important and refreshing to express this topic through art.
‘Checkpoint’ is a series of authentic images of x-ray security scans across the subway system in St Petersburg.

We find ourselves stuck between real life and virtual reality
Read more about the project Checkpoint.


Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #6

Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #6

Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #9

Oleg Ponomarev, Checkpoint #9

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It might sting a little…

April 18, 2016
"Small leaf" av Saga Wendotte. Hela serien går under namnet "wallflowers"

“Small leaf” av Saga Wendotte. Hela serien går under namnet “wallflowers”












The photo series “Wallflowers” by Saga Wendotte is about what it´s like to be young, the first and the “true” love. At first glance you might think that the photographs only are beautiful or cute, but when looking closer to them you can find the flaws and they immediately become interesting.

The titles of the photo art works “It Might Sting A Little,” “Prince Charming” and “Wither” reveals that it just might not be so perfect after alla and they help us understand that everything might not be paradise. The series shows the vulnerability and our protagonist is dressed in innocent white with a floral wreath on her head . She is followed by the frog princes, forever blooming roses, wasps as a symbol of danger, vultures waiting for clouds and explosions in the distance. Pastel wallpaper and flowers contrasting against snails and insects. Cute and beautifully is mixed with worry, anxiety, anticipation and longing.

"it might sting a little" är en av fotografierna i fotoserien "Wallflowers" av Saga Wendotte

“it might sting a little” är en av fotografierna i fotoserien “Wallflowers” av Saga Wendotte

"Prins charming" is one of six from the photographic series "wallflowers" by Saga Wendotte

“Prins charming” is one of six from the photographic series “wallflowers” by Saga Wendotte




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photographer Maria Prestmo

March 30, 2016


Skjermbilde 2016-02-02 kl. 11.56.32Maria Presto, born 1976, is a Bergen-based photographer whose projects often reside in the realms between figuration and abstraction, between reality and dreams. In this regard her approach to photography is more similar to that of a painter. She also frequently collaborates with painter Marie Storaas as the artist duo “P.S”. Her passion for photography has followed her all the way through childhood, youth and her nine years of academic education. The camera has become her way of studying human behaviour and exploring different identities.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals; Banksmidja Galleri (Voss), Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (Fredrikstad), Hardanger Musikkfest (Lofthus), B-Open (Bergen) and the old Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo) among others. March 2016 she is having her first solo show at Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo).