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The edgy little sister of piQmo called mypiQ

February 14, 2018

So Who and What is mypiQ
mypiQ is the younger and more edgy little sister gallery to piQmo. We we think holistically about art, design and fashion. We don’t care about editions and signatures. All we want is to give the new breed of trend-conscious art buyers well selected photo art in seasons, printed on exclusive environmental friendly fine art prints, of highest quality. 

Nikki Devereux, photographer at mypiQ. SS18

By scouting out the best new talents and curating the photo art in seasonal collections based on current trends, we enable for the trend-conscious to change what they put on their walls more often. Just like they would with any other design elements at home.

Working with emerging photographers and affordable prices, we want to enable for our art buyers to be faster, more current and spontaneous in their art buys. Just like you are when it comes to fashion and design. Read more about our collections 

All our works are exclusive fine art prints of the highest quality, available for a limited time only. We print on acid-free recycled fine art cotton paper from sustainable cultivation and forest management, using the best possible eco-friendly printing techniques.

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The desire to belong to something is a fundamental part of human nature

August 16, 2017

Marias photographs are normally not planed. Wherever she goes she carries her camera with her. Her new photographs “State of Emergency” are however totally planned.

Maria spent a week alone in Iceland, with the intent to capture the Icelandic soul. Everyday she had to pass a corner with a sofa by the window to get to her room at her hostel. The light from the window changed the appearance of the corner during the cycles of day and night. The ever-changing light and the diverse landscape visible through the window in the corner, made her reflect on enormous impact the dramatic nature and the never ending unsettled land has on the icelandic inhabitants. Maria experienced that all Icelanders she spoke to threw long glances out at the surrounding nature while speaking like they totally fell out of the situation, to a place where she couldn’t reach them.

“The desire to belong to something is a fundamental part of human nature. Everyone needs to have interpersonal relationships in their lives. However, I have never felt the belongingness to nature in itself as strongly as I did through the people in Iceland. At the end of the week, I used a model by the window in the corner, trying to capture the beauty of this state”, Maria says.

Maria continues “The art work has been given the name ”State of Emergency”, inspired by Björk’s music piece “Jóga”, a sonic representation of the geographical beauty of her homeland. Björk calls it an ode to her native land and her best friend Jóga, with subtexts relating to emergency. A state that cannot be put into words, and which followed me wherever I went, both through Björk’s magic piece of music and from just being on the island”

photo art by Maria Prestmo, piqmo online gallery

State of Emergency by Maria Prestmo

art artist photoart photographer piQmo talents

photographer Maria Prestmo

March 30, 2016


Skjermbilde 2016-02-02 kl. 11.56.32Maria Presto, born 1976, is a Bergen-based photographer whose projects often reside in the realms between figuration and abstraction, between reality and dreams. In this regard her approach to photography is more similar to that of a painter. She also frequently collaborates with painter Marie Storaas as the artist duo “P.S”. Her passion for photography has followed her all the way through childhood, youth and her nine years of academic education. The camera has become her way of studying human behaviour and exploring different identities.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals; Banksmidja Galleri (Voss), Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (Fredrikstad), Hardanger Musikkfest (Lofthus), B-Open (Bergen) and the old Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo) among others. March 2016 she is having her first solo show at Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo).


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dont miss UK/raine exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London

December 1, 2015

If youre in London and have the least interest in emerging artist go see the “UK/Raine” exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. It´s totalt worth a detour for. It contained many new and different artistic expressions that was inspiring.  The exhibition was found through a competition for emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine in the ages between 18-35. The aim with the competition was to find and support the top young artists from these two regions. They received 10 000 contributions of which 30 was chosen. This is an exhibition for all visitors, big or small, old and young, any nationality. Even your little ones will enjoy this. We at piQmo found it very inspiring and fun.

Below you can see just a tiny part of the full exhibition. Read more about the competition by clicking here 

Felicity Hammond, restore of factory

Felicity Hammond, restore of factory

Emma Critchley, portrait, cprint

Emma Critchley, portrait, cprint



UK/Raine utställning Saatchi Gallery, London

DIS/ORDER, “eternal/muternal beauty”


detail of “eternal/muternal beauty”

roman mikhaylov, Shadows

roman mikhaylov, “Shadows”


detail picture of “shadows”

Sergiy Petlyuk "untitled" videoinstallation

Sergiy Petlyuk “untitled” video installation

Maria Kulikovska "humo bulla". Allt i tvål

Maria Kulikovska “humo bulla”


Roman Mikhaylov, Scortch of Real





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piQmo would like to congratulate Aapo Huhta, appointed as this years Nordic photographer

November 24, 2015


We at piQmo would like to congratulate this year’s winners of Fotografiskas scholarship Young Nordic Photographer of the Year in 2015, Aapo Huhta.

He has won the jury’s appreciation with his graphic cityscapes.

The inhabitants in Aapo Huhtas minimalist photographs seem to be devoured by the sharp shadows darkness. As a dystopia of a society that no longer have any gray areas the reality is actually as tough as the cut of the suit and the cement blocks of the pavements. Huhta is an observer of a modern society where the symbols of the man and the economy dominates. Nature is like the female inhabitant repressed and absent. Left is only the power and darkness.


art artist photoart photographer talents

Out and About

September 4, 2015
Untitled, 2015

Trine Struwe   Untitled, 2015

SEART, Sweden Emerging Art

Pop Up Exhibition, 3 – 6 september 2015
Storgatan 23c, Stockholm

Photograph. The word literally means “drawing of light”. In this sense, the starting point of the series is a photographic one. Yet, the works can also be perceived as paintings – almost monochromatic with only subtle shifts in colour, making them vulnerable to the changing light conditions of the day.

We like the rough process. The artist has used light sensitive pigment and applied it onto large sheets of heavy, white paper. After preparing them in a darkroom, she took them to the beach and exposed them to sunlight. Then rinsed them in seawater and laid to dry on the beach to absorb the blue sea, the blue horizon and the blue sky, all at once.


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piQmo på Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

September 3, 2015

Ja det stämmer! Vi skall medverka på Affordable Art Fair i Stockholm mellan 1-4 oktober.
Varmt välkomna till vår monter F14, på vänster sida vid ingången.

För första gången kommer vi att visa fotokonst från artisten och konstnären Caroline af Ugglas.

Vi kommer att visa fotokonst från supertalangerna Stefan Otto, Saga Wendotte, Sonja Hesslow, Isabell Wedin, Patricia Burns, Henrik Eriksson och fler..

in to the woods

in to the woods