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piQmo collaborates with EKPR

September 14, 2016

Vi are very happy to announce piQmo´s cooperation with EKPR & Kommunikation.

Why do we do this? Well, we are bad at letting the market know about our our concept and what piQmo is all about. The first couple of years has been great but we have done many improvements when it comes to quality, service and production.

What few people know is that we do all prints on fine art cotton paper, finest printing quality with a lifetime warranty, at Scandinavias best photo lab. Customers who chooses framing with us also gets the best quality possible. Our framing is done at one of Scandinavias best framer studio where some of Sweden’s most prominent galleries also does their frames.

Our goal is to maintain high quality while keeping prices down for – as our original idea always has been – lets make great, thoughtful photography accessible.

In addition to offering photo art online, making it easier for the modern buyer, we also offer personal service meaning coming to the office or making home visits to ease for our clients. At these visits we look at you, the interior, get a feeling for your personal taste and suggest photographic art works that we believe suits you.

These are among few things that we are bad at communicating. This is what EKPR will help us getting better at.


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piQmo launches in Norway!

February 16, 2016 is on the doorstep of launching business in Norway.

Together with the existing photographers in the piQmo gallery, we are now presenting several Norwegian photographers. We have completed the gallery with an even larger spectra of art from exiting artist that really explore different ways of expressing themselves. Every piece of art i our gallery can be bought and delivered in both Sweden and Norway.

Don’t miss checking in March 10th!

'Merrasami Arbevirut' by Londonbased photographer Marianne Bjørnmyr for

‘Merrasami Arbevirut’ by Londonbased photographer Marianne Bjørnmyr for



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Sending our big congratulation to Susanne Histrup

January 19, 2016

Susanne Histrup is one of Swedens most popular fashion blogger. She was also one of piQmos first customers. The photograph Susanne bought from piQmo was Anna Seifert’s “green room” which is incredibly beautiful and still in our gallery for sale. This photo will let your thoughts wander and dream away. Susanne once told us that she loves the color green which explains her choice. At the time of piQmos launch Susanne was a blogger at Chic when she also wrote about piQmo and our launch as an online gallery for photography. Today she is one of Swedens top blogger and is writing for the prestigious Damernas Värld. Susanne has in a very short time become one of Sweden’s most prominent bloggers in fashion as well as food, art, beauty and more. She has an ability to mix between high and low, expensive and cheap, while always retaining her own style.

Susanne is piQmo dear to the heart. We would of course like to congratulate Susanne to her delicate but also deserved place as blogger in Damerna Värld. Congratulations and thanks for the nice blog post about piQmo with fashion photographs of Andreas von Gegerfelt


Mode bloggaren Susanne Histrup med piQmos fotografier av Andreas von Gegerfelt

Mode bloggaren Susanne Histrup


Om galleri piQmo i Susanne Histrups blogg på Damerna Värld

Anna Seifert "Green Room"

Anna Seifert “Green Room”

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Caroline af Ugglas as the known-un known photographer in piQmo

September 8, 2015
Caroline af Ugglas showing her photos with piQmo gallery

Caroline af Ugglas as the known-un known photographer in piQmo gallery

For the first time ever you can see one of Swedens most beloved artist, Caroline af Ugglas, showing her photos in piQmo gallery. Luckily Caroline said yes when we asked her if she wanted to participate in our project “known-unknown photographer”. The project aims to famous people not associated with photography taking their own photographs and showing them with piQmo gallery were they also are sold.

Her photo art will be displayed in piQmo gallery and for the first time at Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm October 1st. We are showing three of her photos and they are limited in 25 each.

In common with Caroline af Ugglas we think art should be reachable for everyone and we want to give everybody a chance to buy with reasonable prices.


Caroline af Ugglas as the known-un known photographer in piQmo gallery

Caroline af Ugglas as the known-un known photographer in piQmo gallery

foto_Caroline_af_Ugglas_naken_piqmo copy

Caroline af Ugglas photo art showing in piQmo gallery from October 1st