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Four Norwegian photographic artists

April 5, 2018

During Stockholm Art Week, April 12 – 15 2018, piQmo Gallery will exhibit photo art from the eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula. 4 Norwegian photographic artists will be represented  in the Gallery at kommendörsgatan 28 in Stockholm

The decision to exhibit only Norwegian artists was done after being part in a portfolio speed-dating review in Olso, arranged by Cyan Studio. We noticed that the Norwegian photographers show a kind of brutality and philosophical orientation that reflects in their work. The art has been created on the basis of an internal question that has developed into a creative work.

The common denominator among these four Norwegian photographic artists is the philosophical aspect of life. Is what we experience and see the truth? Do we live our life being ourselfs and how do we know if we do? Have we constructed life based on the external forms or from ourselves? What is reality and what is created? More about the works you get in place.
Our exhibition is public and all works are available in small limited edition.

The 4 photographic artists we choose to exhibit
Stig Marlon Weston med “papirarbeid” 
Christiane Dame Huseklepp med “Materialistic identity”
Isabel Sancho med “”Hvor er du nå Bjørn Eirik”
Ina K Andersen med “Ekko”

piQmo program 12 – 15 april: 
Drop-by vernissage April 12-15, 11-18, Sat – Sun 11-16
Drop-in drink Friday April 13, 16-18
Pop-in portrait photography for kids Saturday April 14, kl 11-16

Ina K Andersen

Stig Marlon Weston fotografi

Stig Marlon Weston

materialistic identity photo by Christiane Dame Huseklepp

Christiane Dame Huseklepp

The Musical Nights

Isabel Sancho

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The desire to belong to something is a fundamental part of human nature

August 16, 2017

Marias photographs are normally not planed. Wherever she goes she carries her camera with her. Her new photographs “State of Emergency” are however totally planned.

Maria spent a week alone in Iceland, with the intent to capture the Icelandic soul. Everyday she had to pass a corner with a sofa by the window to get to her room at her hostel. The light from the window changed the appearance of the corner during the cycles of day and night. The ever-changing light and the diverse landscape visible through the window in the corner, made her reflect on enormous impact the dramatic nature and the never ending unsettled land has on the icelandic inhabitants. Maria experienced that all Icelanders she spoke to threw long glances out at the surrounding nature while speaking like they totally fell out of the situation, to a place where she couldn’t reach them.

“The desire to belong to something is a fundamental part of human nature. Everyone needs to have interpersonal relationships in their lives. However, I have never felt the belongingness to nature in itself as strongly as I did through the people in Iceland. At the end of the week, I used a model by the window in the corner, trying to capture the beauty of this state”, Maria says.

Maria continues “The art work has been given the name ”State of Emergency”, inspired by Björk’s music piece “Jóga”, a sonic representation of the geographical beauty of her homeland. Björk calls it an ode to her native land and her best friend Jóga, with subtexts relating to emergency. A state that cannot be put into words, and which followed me wherever I went, both through Björk’s magic piece of music and from just being on the island”

photo art by Maria Prestmo, piqmo online gallery

State of Emergency by Maria Prestmo

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insights from Affordable Art Fair London

May 11, 2017

This year piQmo choose to exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair in London. We´ll just give you some insights of whats being exhibited this time and of course give you the pieces that we feel are worth showing. And…Naturally piQmo is drawn to photography but we will also show other great pieces. The show contains lots of different art forms like sculpture, paintings, photographs and more.

The first photos you´ll meet here are from a greek artist, Aristotle Rouhanis. He has a fenomenal way of playing with light. You´ll find him art Arte Globale.

Photographer Aristotle Roufanis represented by Arte Globale

Photographer Aristotle Roufanis represented by Arte Globale

Anotehr interessting photographer we found was Andrea Torres who is represented by Galeria Miguel Alzueta from Barcelona. Such nice stand and lovely exhibited. I want to se more of this photographer. If you do too click in this link 

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, artist Andrea Torres

Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London. artist Andrea Torres

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Grainy dukdalf from 1979 in Rotterdam Harbor

May 2, 2017

We are happy to introduce Peter de Ru´s photo series “Rotterdam harbor” shoot in 1979. The charming grainy effect, that modern photographers seek and try to create today, is of course an authentic element in all his analogue photos. 

Rotterdam Harbour photo series by Peter de Ru

Rotterdam Harbour photo series by Peter de Ru


The photo series shows us not only the rough life as worker in the harbor but they also take us in to intimate, authentic meetings between men and woman in the well known bar Black Swan at the harbor. The photos are all authentic as the feeling in them as there is a strong presence in all of Peter photos.

Black Swan bar at Rotterdam Harbor from 1979. Photography by Peter de Ru

Black Swan bar at Rotterdam Harbor from 1979. Photography by Peter de Ru

The photo “Compass Dukdalf”, below, are one of those photos you´ll just not be able take anymore. The reason is that the job as Dukdalf is no longer in practice due to that all ships have GPS today.




Peter is born in the Netherlands and due to love he moved to Sweden in 1969. Not only was he a student at Christer Strömholms Photo School, now called Fotoskolan, in Stockholm but he was also lecturing in photography at Valands school of art in Gothenburg as well as Beckmans School of Arts in Stockholm. Peter has been working as a professional photographer since 1975 and has gained international knowledge with his photographic art works.

Enjoy his photos in our online gallery. 

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Art of Choice

April 3, 2017

Rebecca Malherbe This Art selection was picked by Rebecca Malherbe. A Berlin-based art history student that studied at Michaelis school of fine arts in Cape Town. She is an Art and photography enthusiast who has picked her favorite pieces from the piQmo Gallery and told us why.







Anna Seifert
The image Soul depicts a human in a body of water that is covered by what seems like a pink cloud. I particularly like this image as it reflects my own imaginative view of what the soul could embody. There is no true form to what our souls look like, Anna Seifert captures an essence of what could be. The image is calming through the presence of the pink cloud and the water surrounding the person. As the viewer, I am able to get lost in my thoughts of our formless soul.

Soul / Anna Seifert

Soul / Anna Seifert


Marcus Nyberg
Old Lover
Old Lover, caught my attention due to the movement of the image. Even though the people in the photograph are sitting, Nyberg was able to create a dynamic atmosphere. The man who stares at the viewer enables one to immediately connect with the image as if one were standing in the room with him. The soft hue creates a sense of warmness, enhancing the feeling of the viewer’s presence.
a perfect mixture of being part of the image and being an observer is created.

Old Lover / Marcus Nyberg

Old Lover / Marcus Nyberg


Beata Rydén
The dreamlike state that Rydén seeks to portray is strongly felt in this image. There is a definitive sense of disrupting reality. As the viewer, I feel taken away by the icy blue yet pulled back in by the human figure. Rydén has captured what seems to be an image out of a dream. The darkness that nearly engulfs the image reminds one of sleepy half closed eyes, drifting off or slowly waking up. She leaves the viewer to decide which one it is.

Hypnagogia / Beata Rydén

Hypnagogia / Beata Rydén


Andreas von Gegerfelt
This black and white image speaks to me because of the composition. It seems as if the photograph were taken whilst quickly walking by, capturing the woman’s face expression and her surroundings just as they were. Due to these factors, I feel that the image is true and not tampered with. It portrays a single moment in time that Gegerfelt witnessed. The photograph reminds me of photos taken by Dorothea Lange, who captured people’s facial expressions with an essence of truth.

Folkrace / Andreas von Gegerfelt

Folkrace / Andreas von Gegerfelt

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Skies turn dark and the neon light will take advantage until dawn

February 14, 2017
with a smile on my face - check!

with a smile on my face – check!

Tokyo life is taking shape.

Settling in at the same time as the city is pulling you out from your comfort zone. 

Clear blue skies have hit me every morning behind the curtains, …for real?

Skies turn dark and the neon light will take advantage until dawn.

(Never ending) ‘to see’ list dominates the kitchen table.

A few checks are already there; multiple choices are confusing and eagerness is controlled.

Tradition meets politeness meets food bonanza meets lost in translation meets crazy costumes meets art en masse.

Northern light vs. neon light, time will tell.

I will share my honest impressions from the Tokyo art scene.


piQmo goes Tokyo w/ Anna

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we discover several layers of ourselves

November 20, 2016

I wanted to read it over and over again. The text that Anna Seifert wrote that are linked to her new photo series “I see you”. It touches me! It effects me! It makes me think about how beautiful life is and how important it is to be true to yourself, dare going deep down in to your innermost and find more layers of yourself. 
Read it! Feel it! Enjoy. 
(*please note that the thoughts are written in Swedish so it might have other effects when translated to English)
I see you
Life is not for granted
We look for things that matter to us
We find security in the idea that there are several seekers
We move close to the edge
balance between everyday life and daydream
We are filled with moments and relationships
that matter to us
We let go
fall down through the surface
reaching deeper
we discover several layers of ourselves
Further into the core
We land, softly
The essence is here, maybe exactly where we stand
What we are looking for is meaning
dare to live for it.

/ Anna Seifert

"soul" is part of Anna Seiferts photo series "I see you"

“soul” is part of Anna Seiferts photo series “I see you”

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piQmo collaborates with EKPR

September 14, 2016

Vi are very happy to announce piQmo´s cooperation with EKPR & Kommunikation.

Why do we do this? Well, we are bad at letting the market know about our our concept and what piQmo is all about. The first couple of years has been great but we have done many improvements when it comes to quality, service and production.

What few people know is that we do all prints on fine art cotton paper, finest printing quality with a lifetime warranty, at Scandinavias best photo lab. Customers who chooses framing with us also gets the best quality possible. Our framing is done at one of Scandinavias best framer studio where some of Sweden’s most prominent galleries also does their frames.

Our goal is to maintain high quality while keeping prices down for – as our original idea always has been – lets make great, thoughtful photography accessible.

In addition to offering photo art online, making it easier for the modern buyer, we also offer personal service meaning coming to the office or making home visits to ease for our clients. At these visits we look at you, the interior, get a feeling for your personal taste and suggest photographic art works that we believe suits you.

These are among few things that we are bad at communicating. This is what EKPR will help us getting better at.


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It might sting a little…

April 18, 2016
"Small leaf" av Saga Wendotte. Hela serien går under namnet "wallflowers"

“Small leaf” av Saga Wendotte. Hela serien går under namnet “wallflowers”












The photo series “Wallflowers” by Saga Wendotte is about what it´s like to be young, the first and the “true” love. At first glance you might think that the photographs only are beautiful or cute, but when looking closer to them you can find the flaws and they immediately become interesting.

The titles of the photo art works “It Might Sting A Little,” “Prince Charming” and “Wither” reveals that it just might not be so perfect after alla and they help us understand that everything might not be paradise. The series shows the vulnerability and our protagonist is dressed in innocent white with a floral wreath on her head . She is followed by the frog princes, forever blooming roses, wasps as a symbol of danger, vultures waiting for clouds and explosions in the distance. Pastel wallpaper and flowers contrasting against snails and insects. Cute and beautifully is mixed with worry, anxiety, anticipation and longing.

"it might sting a little" är en av fotografierna i fotoserien "Wallflowers" av Saga Wendotte

“it might sting a little” är en av fotografierna i fotoserien “Wallflowers” av Saga Wendotte

"Prins charming" is one of six from the photographic series "wallflowers" by Saga Wendotte

“Prins charming” is one of six from the photographic series “wallflowers” by Saga Wendotte




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photographer Maria Prestmo

March 30, 2016


Skjermbilde 2016-02-02 kl. 11.56.32Maria Presto, born 1976, is a Bergen-based photographer whose projects often reside in the realms between figuration and abstraction, between reality and dreams. In this regard her approach to photography is more similar to that of a painter. She also frequently collaborates with painter Marie Storaas as the artist duo “P.S”. Her passion for photography has followed her all the way through childhood, youth and her nine years of academic education. The camera has become her way of studying human behaviour and exploring different identities.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals; Banksmidja Galleri (Voss), Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (Fredrikstad), Hardanger Musikkfest (Lofthus), B-Open (Bergen) and the old Astrup Fearnley Museet (Oslo) among others. March 2016 she is having her first solo show at Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo).