paula lidström

Paula Lidström, Founder of piQmo.

Paula has a background in Art History, Design, Media, PR & Communication, Sales and Business Development both on the Swedish and Scandinavian market aswell as Europe. Paula is educated art historian from the University of Lund in Sweden and a fashion design education from ESMOD in Paris, France. Her work experience ranges from her young years as assisting fashion designers in Europe and United States to leadership of sales forces and developing businesses for small and medium companies, mostly in the media sector in Sweden and Europe countries, the last years. With her combination of creative education and business-oriented work life experience she possesses a unique combination and understanding for both parties.
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Anna Seifert, country manager för piQmo Norge

Anna Seifert, country manager for piQmo Norway

Anna Seifert, photographer, artist and head of piQmo Norway.

From 1 January 2016, Norway will have its own piQmo representative. Anna has a background as a photographer with business in both Sweden and Norway. As freelance her business consists of mission-based photography as well as her own art projects. In Oslo, Anna has held several well-attended and publicized photo exhibitions and has also launched a couple of photo books. In addition to her art photo Anna has an extensive international experience in banking as account manager for large international companies. Now she has devoted herself to supply and sell quality art photography with piQmo gallery to the Norweigan market. And above all, she is now on the hunt for Norway’s next talent at the photo scene.
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piQmoHebe Robinson, piQmo Norway.

Hebe has a MBA from Norwegian School of Economics and she has been working for international companies in both Norway and England within the strategy and analysis field. Her passion for photography led her to studies at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in 2009 and she has since then been working as a photographer based in Oslo. Hebes photographic projects has successfully been exhibited in Paris, Athens, Cyprus and Oslo along with publications in international magazines as RearViewMirror and CNN together with profiling at national and international photo festivals. Hebe is now working together with Anna in Norway. She is looking forward to presenting a wide range of Norwegian photographers to the Scandinavian market. You can reach her at