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The edgy little sister of piQmo called mypiQ

February 14, 2018

So Who and What is mypiQ
mypiQ is the younger and more edgy little sister gallery to piQmo. We we think holistically about art, design and fashion. We don’t care about editions and signatures. All we want is to give the new breed of trend-conscious art buyers well selected photo art in seasons, printed on exclusive environmental friendly fine art prints, of highest quality. 

Nikki Devereux, photographer at mypiQ. SS18

By scouting out the best new talents and curating the photo art in seasonal collections based on current trends, we enable for the trend-conscious to change what they put on their walls more often. Just like they would with any other design elements at home.

Working with emerging photographers and affordable prices, we want to enable for our art buyers to be faster, more current and spontaneous in their art buys. Just like you are when it comes to fashion and design. Read more about our collections 

All our works are exclusive fine art prints of the highest quality, available for a limited time only. We print on acid-free recycled fine art cotton paper from sustainable cultivation and forest management, using the best possible eco-friendly printing techniques.