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October 2016


The Story behind the great project ‘No Place My Place’ by Sara Tanderø

October 13, 2016
Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

About the project

 «No Place My Place» is a concept that plays with the perception of the identity of a place. It is a series of photographs from 2014 shot in Svalbard. The series includes elements of drawing in order to see how these affect the concept of a place in an image. Will a place change its character and become my place, or would such elements only disturb the image. I love this contrast between the beautiful nature and this rough scenery, and I had a strong sense of looking into no man’s land. The landscape is unfriendly, and not a typically Svalbard landscape, except for the blue light, it could be any industrial place.

 The Artistic Process

Usually I work over time with my projects, experimenting a lot with my different artistic methods in photography, video, performance and drawing. I am not trying to achieve perfection in my photographs, rather a tactile expression or a feeling.

I work conceptually, and I need to put my work into a system. That­`s why I always work in series, and rarely with only one single image. My intuition always guides me during the creative process. If I plan my projects too much, my work loose their intensity and natural expression. If I try to force something it never turns our good – it has to come naturally. Therefore my projects need some time to ripen and to grow to see if they still works. And if they do, I know it`s a strong project


I have photographed digitally with high ISO in order to achieve a noisy and rough expression in the images. The drawings are rough, made with oil pastels and they where not actually made to this project, but I liked the concept of the mismatch of the shapes and the photographs.

I wanted to examine how these elements affect the chosen motive. I processed the images in Photoshop, and worked with the different elements until I got the expression, or the feeling­­ I wanted. I have also further reduced the resolution of the images, and again enlarged them in order to achieve an image of a place that almost disintegrates before your eyes when viewing the image.


The series of five images are printed on fineart cotton paper to enhance the tactile character of the photographs. They are sold exclusively at the piQmo gallery, Edition: 20.


Sara has also made a short film about her creative process through this project, ‘Sara Tandero for piQmo’. A very well spent 5 minutes if you ask us! Enjoy!


Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

Sara Tanderø, No Place My Place.

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celebrating the unbashed female expressions

October 6, 2016

To piQmo`s followers that are visiting or staying in L.A. between end of October until December, we strongly encourage you to go and see the exhibition “this Wicked tongue” held by Charlie James Gallery.  Among many emerging artists you can see work from Patricia D. Burns. The group exhibition is curated by Cindy Rehm and opens on Saturday, October 22 and runs through December 3rd.

The artists in This Wicked Tongue wants to celebrate the unabashed expressions of the female voices like the witches, hysterics, and angry feminists who have come before them. “Women should be seen and not heard” is the biblical script and it echoes even today, naming Hillary Clinton as one of those beeing critizised for beeing to shrill or overbearing.

This Wicked Tongue, Group Exhibition, Patricia Burns,

This Wicked Tongue, Group Exhibition L.A California