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January 2016

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Right here, Right now

January 22, 2016

If you’re visiting Stockholm or plan to visit Stockholm coming weeks we order you to pass by Lars Bohman Gallery to see Bjarne Melgaards exhibition “right here right now”. This one is for sure the best exhibition in Stockholm right now. This eight solo exhibition with Melgaard at Bohman Gallery is with focus on Melgaard as a painter and drawer. Its very clear that Melgaard is playing with the visitors and challenging what we find as “normality”.  His wall texts are tangled up and can be very hard to understand or to interpret which also seems to be his intention. The drawings with signatures from 2019 and 2045 is also a way to confuse us and make us laugh as he does.

We loved this exhibition and strongly recommend everyone who can to visit it – Lars Bohman Gallery Karlavägen 9

Go see!

Ulrika Heningsson_janhansen_ownerlarsbohmangallery_stockholm_exhibition

Gallery owner Jan Hansen and Ulrika Henningsson, SvD Accent

bjarnemelgaard righthererightnow

Bjarne Melgaard drawing from 2019..

Ulrika Henningsson aka halta lotta på Lars Bohamn Gallery

Ulrika Henningsson “aka limp Ulrika” at Lars Bohamn Gallery


Bjarne Melgaard drawing also from 2019..





Lars Bohman Gallery.

IMG_7797 IMG_7802piqmo_vernissage_larsbohman_bjarnemelgaardpiqmo_vernissage_larsbohamngallery_stockholm_bjarnemelgaard

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Sending our big congratulation to Susanne Histrup

January 19, 2016

Susanne Histrup is one of Swedens most popular fashion blogger. She was also one of piQmos first customers. The photograph Susanne bought from piQmo was Anna Seifert’s “green room” which is incredibly beautiful and still in our gallery for sale. This photo will let your thoughts wander and dream away. Susanne once told us that she loves the color green which explains her choice. At the time of piQmos launch Susanne was a blogger at Chic when she also wrote about piQmo and our launch as an online gallery for photography. Today she is one of Swedens top blogger and is writing for the prestigious Damernas Värld. Susanne has in a very short time become one of Sweden’s most prominent bloggers in fashion as well as food, art, beauty and more. She has an ability to mix between high and low, expensive and cheap, while always retaining her own style.

Susanne is piQmo dear to the heart. We would of course like to congratulate Susanne to her delicate but also deserved place as blogger in Damerna Värld. Congratulations and thanks for the nice blog post about piQmo with fashion photographs of Andreas von Gegerfelt


Mode bloggaren Susanne Histrup med piQmos fotografier av Andreas von Gegerfelt

Mode bloggaren Susanne Histrup


Om galleri piQmo i Susanne Histrups blogg på Damerna Värld

Anna Seifert "Green Room"

Anna Seifert “Green Room”

photoart piQmo tip

photo walls as inspiration

January 7, 2016

Attached a couple of inspirational images with piQmo photo art using interiors of @byronpowerbird. We love using great interiors and build up with various photo walls. It´s interesting that we use the environments are the same, but the photographic art varies. This  makes the interiors speak different languages. Photo art very much reflects the identity of the buyer. Do I want to fit in, do I want to stand out, do I like to show status, do I want to show that I dare, do I like to show my own taste, or do I want to show that I can mix and so on.. Just remember not to figure this one out before buying. You should always buy because you like the photo. The analysis of oneself, one can take later on..

 piQmo photoart. Here with Ralph Turander "fashion 1960´s"

inspirational interiors from Byronbowerbird with piQmo photoart. Here Ralph Turander with “fashion 1960´s”

 piQmo photoart. Here with Marcus Nyberg

inspirational interiors with piQmo photoart. Here with Marcus Nyberg “sorti #3”


 piQmo photoart. Here with Marcus Nyberg "sorti 3"

inspirational interiors from Byronbowerbird with piQmo photoart. Here Marcus Nyberg “sorti #2”