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Swedish photographer and street artist Simon Cederquist

December 16, 2015

Simon Cederquist is a very talented and exciting photographic artist who moves in several different art forms and is capable of performing at a very high level within all of them. When embarking on a description of Simon, we, at piQmo, arrive at “a mixture of photographer, visual artist, installation and street artist“.

It´s very hard to describe him with just a few words.

Street art is a genre on the way up and into the Swedish market. Few collectors buy these artists but the big mass haven’t been ready until now. In the United States street art and street artists  has never been hot and desired. The most talented street artists in the US are called “artist under influence” and this is the segment the Swedish market will be able to place Simon under.

Simons street art is unfortunately not (yet)! for sale. This might be due to the market in Sweden that has not really found its way to street art yet. Simons street art are mostly about giving the viewer an unusual meeting with the most un-obvious like a plane in a abandoned building, an overturned tree painted with reflect paint, a huge photo art patchwork glued to facade or just a snail with painted shell etc. Simon is driven by the psychology of the meeting with his art works. His street art are made for the viewer to create reflection, create questions and hopefully be left with an unanswered question. Despite Simon’s highly structured and planned creation, it is hard to put Simon in a box.

When you meet with Simon you are struck by how freely his thoughts wander which also explains his artistry and that he is not tied to any given art form. Simon’s many years as a advertising photographer has helped him to maintain a very high quality of his photographs but also how to work planned, structured and somewhat conceptual. His work doesn’t just “come alive”. Hours, days, weeks and sometimes months are always behind each work.

Not only does Simon’s photos show an amazing quality with exciting expression but his work always raises many questions, just as he wants it to be. Moreover, the photographs are not quite perfect, which is a deliberate act, that makes them both better and more interesting. It´s often precisely that, perfection, that separates a good photographer from a less good one. Here is where the photographers skills show. Skills in knowing where  “errors” or “carelessness” will ad to a great photo and making them genuine and authentic. Unfortunately photoshop har created a software that will remove everything in the picture that is disturbing or not perfect. This makes the images impersonal, boring and clinical, which in turn removes the authenticity and excitement in the photo.
Those we rate as fine art photography will thus be those photographers who manage to keep the balance between an exciting expression of high quality while maintaining the flaws that create the great feeling in it. Simon is definitely one of them.

For the first time ever Simon is releasing an edition of his photography together with piQmo. Below are the two photos. Contact us at piQmo for more info about them.

“The Bull and The Sparrow” is one of the two photographs gallery piQmo publishes in edition and we can reveal that it is photographed at a theater in Stockholm, where the meeting between the large and the small takes place, the bull and the sparrow.

Simon Cederquist "the bull and the sparrow" edition 15.

Simon Cederquist “the bull and the sparrow” edition 15, 100×80 cm



“The moth” is described, by Simons closes family, as Simons best photos and a photo that describe him as person. In what way he cant describe it himself. He just know this photo was a necessaity for him to do his inner drive.

Simon Cederquist "The moth", upplaga 15, 80x60

Simon Cederquist “The moth”, upplaga 15, 80×60

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