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dont miss UK/raine exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London

December 1, 2015

If youre in London and have the least interest in emerging artist go see the “UK/Raine” exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. It´s totalt worth a detour for. It contained many new and different artistic expressions that was inspiring.  The exhibition was found through a competition for emerging artists from the UK and Ukraine in the ages between 18-35. The aim with the competition was to find and support the top young artists from these two regions. They received 10 000 contributions of which 30 was chosen. This is an exhibition for all visitors, big or small, old and young, any nationality. Even your little ones will enjoy this. We at piQmo found it very inspiring and fun.

Below you can see just a tiny part of the full exhibition. Read more about the competition by clicking here 

Felicity Hammond, restore of factory

Felicity Hammond, restore of factory

Emma Critchley, portrait, cprint

Emma Critchley, portrait, cprint



UK/Raine utställning Saatchi Gallery, London

DIS/ORDER, “eternal/muternal beauty”


detail of “eternal/muternal beauty”

roman mikhaylov, Shadows

roman mikhaylov, “Shadows”


detail picture of “shadows”

Sergiy Petlyuk "untitled" videoinstallation

Sergiy Petlyuk “untitled” video installation

Maria Kulikovska "humo bulla". Allt i tvål

Maria Kulikovska “humo bulla”


Roman Mikhaylov, Scortch of Real





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