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November 2015

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visual artist Henrik Eriksson now in to aluminum

November 24, 2015

For all French spoken readers – Read about Henrik Eriksson, one of piQmos photographers, in the French digital magazine L´Obs . They describe Henriks new way as an artist. He has found in aluminum an ideal material to dazzle and disorient the viewer.

Henrik Eriksson, piQmo photographer

Henrik Eriksson, piQmo photographer

L´Obs writes about Henriks new artistry with his material Alu.

“The Aluminium is everywhere. On the walls of the studio, on the ground, leaning against a chair, flat on the desk. Huge panels of crumpled aluminum foil, which shine and are reflected under the neon lights. No works of Henrik Eriksson is carrying a name. To differentiate, it is necessary to approach, look for eye paint lines running on the rugged surface.

We look forward seeing more of this. You can see Henriks photo art in piQmo . In our gallery you can see five of his “norrlandskusten” series

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Maria Pirilä amazing Camera Obscura photos in Malmö, south of Sweden.

November 24, 2015

Marja Pirilä

For our Swedish and Danish readers, we recommend a visit to Jan Almlöf Gallery in Malmo, south of Sweden. Untill December 18 Jan Almlöf shows Maria Pirilä amazing Camera Obscura photos that are well worth a big detour.


Already in 300 century BC, Aristotle noted that a small hole in a wall can lead to the outside world is projected as an image on the opposite wall. Up and down. This phenomenon gave the idea for the first cameras. Maria Pirilä mountes a simple lens on a window to the room she’ll shoot. She puts everything else that let in the light. The result is that the provinces outside enters and are depicted on the walls, the furniture and the people. The whole room functions as an image that captures the outside world. Needed is, of course, that the photographer also uses a camera to light footprint to be permanent.
Marjas images are breathtakingly beautiful and creates a unique sense where the boundary between dream and reality become blurred.


Mirja Pirilä

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piQmo would like to congratulate Aapo Huhta, appointed as this years Nordic photographer

November 24, 2015


We at piQmo would like to congratulate this year’s winners of Fotografiskas scholarship Young Nordic Photographer of the Year in 2015, Aapo Huhta.

He has won the jury’s appreciation with his graphic cityscapes.

The inhabitants in Aapo Huhtas minimalist photographs seem to be devoured by the sharp shadows darkness. As a dystopia of a society that no longer have any gray areas the reality is actually as tough as the cut of the suit and the cement blocks of the pavements. Huhta is an observer of a modern society where the symbols of the man and the economy dominates. Nature is like the female inhabitant repressed and absent. Left is only the power and darkness.


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inappropriate and defective photo art at Stureplan in Stockholm

November 2, 2015

piQmo´s Stockholm tip:
During the period from October to December, three photographers, Julia Peirone, Bjorn Larsson and Ulf Lundin exposes in the series “Expanding photograph” (Expanderande fotografi) No. 1-3. Each of the three photographers exposes one temporary artwork each in a Stockholm public place. The photographic art works will be shown on the big digital screen at Stureplan in Stockholm city. Stureplan in Stockholm is a place with an underlying message. The people who move over and around the area are either there to work, to consume money or to be entertained at fancy restaurants or night clubs. This temporary exhibition will be a thrilling encounter between the place where the photographs are displayed, Stureplan, which is a symbol for money and superficiality versus the photo art on the screen that invites the inappropriate and defective and those pictures that can make everyone feel a little uneasy.

piQmo will go there on Thursday, November 5th, to see Peirones “twisted cherry”.
Unfortunately you can only read about this exciting project in Swedish: Center for Photography (centrum för fotografi)

Julia Peirone_fotokonst_piqmo_kvinna_ben_photoart_street_stureplan_cff